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Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of removing paint defects such as swirls, scratches, marring and holograms through the use of various machine polishers, compounds and polishes. With our paint corrections services, we can restore your paint to a near flawless finish free of swirls and fine scratches. All paint correction services begin with our maintenance wash followed by our clay bar treatment to prepare the finish for the correction process. All trim, decals and emblems will be taped off prior to the paint correction process. A high quality wax or paint sealant will be applied in multiple layers to provide a up to 4 months of protection. Protective paint coatings are also available that will provide several years of protection.

Paint Correction
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Car is carefully washed and dried
Tires, wheels and wheel wells are detailed
Paint is decontaminated utilizing an iron particle remover and clay bar
Paint is analyzed using a paint depth gauge to determine thickness
Paint is leveled using various machines compounds and polished to remove defects
Trim, decals and emblems are taped off
High quality wax or paint sealant applied for long lasting protection
Optional ceramic coating applied for several years of protection for additional cost
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What they say about us
Nancy Frazier

"Wonderful work!! I called them on Tuesday, he came to my office on Thursday and was able to bring my baby back to life. Took great care of the leather. She's GLOWING!"

Prince Clark

"They're always thorough with the detailing especially the exterior. Make my paint job just pop.if you're thinking about getting a detail go with APOGEE."

Theresa H.

“We arranged for him to come today and after Bennie did some magic to my car, my car looks flawless again.

Natasha Lobban-Malone

Quality service at a great price!! They were awesome.  They were able to accommodate my last minute request, and did a great job!!  Car looks awesome!! Would use and recommend them to everyone.